Oysterz is elite and precedent place

Oysterz is elite and precedent place to browse through a curated shortlist of the best events in the two major nightlife cities in our country which is Mumbai and Pune. We have scanned these two cities and looked at some of the most popular places that attracts the creatures of the night and entertain until the sun rise.

Oysterz Mobile App

Oysterz mobile app is going to be the starting point for the perfect night out. Partygoers can have all the information of the hottest nightclubs, bars, lounges, and hotel pools including their entire calendar of events and gigs.

Oysterz is changing the way people find fun things to do, curating only the best of your city and tailoring recommendations according to your interests. Oysterz mobile app is free on both IPhone and android platforms and you can even get discounts and freebies exclusive only to Oysterz users!

Happy partying :)